UK, 2007. Pathétique Films.
Produced by David McGillivray
Directed by Godfrey Kirby.
Written by David McGillivray, Tom Clarke.
ph: Fabio Calascibetta. sd. rec: Godfrey Kirby. ed: Malcolm Finch.  make-up: Hannah Eccleston. asst. dir: Duncan Barrett. cast: Juliette Foster. Colour. 95 mins. Shot at the Electric Picture Palace, Southwold, Suffolk,  May 21, 2007.
“Jill Freud wanted Tincture of Vervain to premiere at the Southwold Electric Picture Palace, a charming mock-deco cinema created out of a cowshed. I thought that was a great idea. But I wanted to make the event even more special, so I planned to join together all the films I’d made to date and link them with material shot in the cinema. This was going to be my hommage to Amicus. I asked Richard (Rocky Horror Show) O’Brien to present the links. For a brief period he was terribly keen. The full story of how he went from discussing his costume to flouncing out of the Groucho Club, threatening to commit suicide, will have to wait for another day. After several other highly unlikely presenters had come and gone, I got a yes from Juliette Foster, a glamorous BBC and Sky newsreader, who I’d met on Five’s All Star Talent Show, the same All Star Talent Show on which Lembit Opik first chatted up his Cheeky Girl (and I saw it happen). But I digress. We went up to Southwold and had a trouble-free day shooting the links. Worst Fears premiered in Southwold on 4th July, 2007, and afterwards there was a PA by Fenella Fielding. I don’t think the audience knew what had hit them. They’re not used to severed hands in Southwold. But subsequently I got a very nice letter from an old lady who thought it was all lovely. Worst Fears was shown again at my 60th birthday party on the 10th September at the Revolution bar in London’s Soho, and finally in Malta as part of a Halloween programme at the St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta. It won’t be seen again until 2012 because of my contract with Ouat Media. Donkeys’ years ago I wrote a series of articles about shelved films and I think it’s ironic that now one of my own films will be on the shelf for five years.”