Maria Walsh and Rebecca Santos
Maria Walsh and Rebecca Santos
Maria Walsh and Rebecca Santos
Maria Walsh and Rebecca Santos
Marinette and Jean-Claude Riffaud
Marinette and Jean-Claude Riffaud
A dream holiday in Nice turns into a nightmare when
tourists Vilma and Christine discover the secret
of their strange apartment
UK/France, 2006. Pathétique Films/Limara.
Produced by David McGillivray, Hassan Alaoui
Directed by Keith Claxton
sc: David McGillivray. ph: Sam Hardy. sd rec: Godfrey Kirby. ed: Chuck Cartmel. music: Dominic Glynn. make-up: Ian Brown. costume designer: Samantha Cousins. costume sup: Isabel Munoz. asst dir: Gary White, Tim Higham. sd design: Steve Rogers. on-line ed: Alex Peach. camera asst: Antoine Delelis. Ms de Jong's hair by: Fernando Hortiguela.
Rebecca Santos (Vilma), Maria Walsh (Christine), Holly de Jong (Abigail), Stefo Linard (Gendarme), Marinette and Jean-Claude Riffaud, Isabel Munoz (People on beach).
Colour. 13.5 mins
Shot in Nice and Menton, France, May 12-16, 2006.
"Marianne Stone's daughter, Kara Noble, has two apartments with an adjoining door in Nice*. I went there in 2002 and drove up the Riviera to Menton, which has one of the most beautiful old towns in Europe. Thus we had the makings of our 6th film. It was dreamed up before Hostel, but after we saw it, Keith made our script gorier. He also added the soupçon of lesbianism, which was fine by me. I wrote it in Marrakech, mentioned it to Habib, and he put me in touch with his mate, Hassan Alaoui. I went to visit him in Paris and found to my horror that, unlike Morocco, where you can get almost anything done by slipping someone a few dirhams, film production in France has to be above board. I had to register Pathétique Films as a limited company and pay the union minimums to the French cast and crew. We were pretty much in chaos before we left London; and when we arrived in Nice, it got worse. [Cameraman] Sam was on another job in Portugal and arrived late. I was forever telling Keith to hurry up and we had our first row. Then I ran out of money and was haring about Nice trying to get friends in London to send more cash by Western Union. One of the extras didn't turn up, so it's the assistant director, Tim Higham, playing one of the robed loonies. (The other one's me). Finally Holly [de Jong] got upset and just walked off, got on a plane and went back to London. Fortunately we'd finished her scenes. This was my first taste of the kind of filming everyone else has to endure. I'd had it too easy until now. And yet everything worked out OK in the end. Hassan managed to get permission to film everywhere, from the old cemetery in Menton to a private beach in Nice. When we wrapped, everyone jumped into the sea, Keith fully-clothed. I think we were all going a bit barmy by this time.The film premiered at London’s Frightfest at the Odeon West End on 25th August, 2007, as part of a shorts programme. The response was absolutely terrible. On the Frightfest  forum one correspondent opined, ‘We’re Ready For You Now  was rubbish’ while another agreed ‘We’re Ready For You Now  was a load of crap, completely pointless.’ We haven’t been invited back to Frightfest, which I really regret because I always enjoyed this festival.”

Filming on location: Rebecca Santos and Maria Walsh
Filming in Nice