O rare David Hoyle!
In the middle of the night, a mysterious man arrives
at a museum with an ancient relic

UK, 2013. Pathétique Films.
Executive Producer: David McGillivray.
Produced by Janet Sate.
Directed by Joe McCallum.
Written by Rupert Smith.
“I interviewed David Hoyle, the artist formerly known as The Divine David, in 2007 and then began going to see his extraordinary shows, Magazine, at London’s Royal Vauxhall Tavern. There was a group of us and my friend, Edward Main, called us The Hoylistas. He said, “You ought to put David [Hoyle] in one of your films.” I didn’t think he’d do it for a minute. But then, at a party, he told me his ambition was to play Dr Phibes, with his silent assistant, Jay Cloth, as Vulnavia, and he wanted me to sort it out. Because of the copyright problems, I couldn’t see this happening. But then, as luck would have it, the Guardian writer, Rupert Smith, sent me an idea for a film and I thought it could be adapted for David. We worked on it together and then in a matter of days Rupert came up with this fantastic script, tailor-made for David and Jay, and David said yes, just like that, and didn’t want to change a word. This is just the most exciting project I’ve been involved with since we started making these films. We’re going to shoot it as soon as we've got some money.”