Eddie Walter, the child from Child Number Four
Julian Clary, interviewed in Brighton during his book tour.

UK, 2008. Pathétique Films/Polka Dot Shorts.
Produced and directed by Joe McCallum.
Based on ideas by Tom Clarke.
ph: Ivor Archer. 2nd Unit ph: Joel Cairo. sd. rec: Frank Richman. ed: Haydon Bridge. cast: Peter Benedict, Yuba Bessaoud, Anne Billson, David Brett, Julian Clary, Joe Cushley, Anthony Falkingham, Ruben Fernandez, Fenella Fielding, Steven Finch, Tricia Hitchcock, Alan Jones, Sean Lewis, Lorenzo Marioni, David McGillivray, Kim Newman, Amar Omar, Rebecca Santos, Sidi Scott, Victor Spinetti, Marianne Stone, Eddie Walter, Norman J. Warren, Celia Williams, Anna Wing, Anthony Wise. Colour. 28 mins. Shot in London, Brighton and Southwold between 2007 and 2008.
“This is an interesting one. Well, it sounds interesting because I still haven’t seen it. This guy called Joe contacted me wanting to make a documentary about all the films I’d made so far. But he got to me when I was in the middle of something or other and I couldn’t really help him. I told him to just get on with it, and it seems from the list above as though he’s got just about everybody involved, even Marianne Stone, who wouldn’t appear in Wednesday. So he must really have the gift of the gab. Plus he says he’s shot stuff of me as well, I think at the 2007 Frightfest. I can’t remember this at all, although I had a bit to drink that day so anything’s possible. Apparently we ended up in that 1950s café, the New Piccadilly, which had been used for dozens of films. It closed down a couple of weeks later. That’s a bit of a coup, I suppose.

Joe phones me up all the time and tells me how it’s going; and I say, ‘Well, when am I going to see it?’ And then of course it’s all, ‘Well, it’s not quite ready yet,’ and ‘There’s still some more people I want to get.’ So God knows when it’ll be finished. The trouble is that there’s no deadline. Joe’s plan was to include Horror Icon as an extra with the DVD of Worst Fears. But now I can’t release that until my contract with my distributor expires in 2012. Maybe if he can get his finger out, we can put it out separately. If that’s  going to happen, there’ll be an announcement here on the website.”