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DAVID MCGILLIVRAY is a prolific writer, mostly of hack journalism, but also lowbrow films, plays, and radio and television programmes. His occasional appearances as an actor and broadcaster are limited by lack of training and education plus general stupidity. He is becoming increasingly unreliable, grouchy and difficult to work with.
Keith Claxton
  KEITH CLAXTON is an award-winning Anglo-Spanish director. His Spanish mother, who survived an execution attempt on her life during the Spanish Civil War, was the first ever licensed practitioner of herbal medicine in Spain. His English father, a nuclear physicist and published author, worked for the United Nations. Keith is also a qualified marine biologist and was involved in setting up the Anguilla Marine Parks Programme for the World Wildlife Fund. Among his guilty pleasures are the Val Lewton film The Seventh Victim (in particular Mimi’s haunting final speech) and The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue by the Spanish director Jorge Grau.
Nathan Schiff
  NATHAN SCHIFF has been making films since the age of 11. With an old Bell & Howell 8mm camera he began to put the parade of ideas and images in his head on to film. He has made many short films and four feature films on Super-8 and is proud that he chose to spend his pocket money making movies rather than purchasing candy bars.
Sam Hardy
  SAM HARDY has been behind the camera for over a decade. His television credits include The Culture Show, Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe, Pimp My Ride, Blue Peter and numerous documentaries. He's also shot many promos and short films. He lives in London and is the son of actress Pauline Munro (see Wednesday).
Godfrey Kirby
  GODFREY KIRBYworked as an assistant editor for Mark Broadway Productions, Caledonian Film Services and Cineform from 1965 to 1970. Feature film credits during this time include Deadfall, The Amsterdam Affair  and A Touch of Love. From 1971-6 he was a freelance sound assistant for LWT, Granada and ATV. He was also a boom swinger for Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Jabberwocky. From 1977 to the present he has worked as a sound mixer on films and TV drama. Credits include Glitterball, Blue Suede Shoes, The Mouse and the Woman, March Or Die, Black Angel, The Alternative Miss World, Over Here, Giro City, film sequences for the stage musical Singin’ in the Rain, The Draughtsman’s Contract, Unstable Elements,  Dream Child, Little Dorrit, The Krays, The Fool, Immaculate Conception,  Jeeves and Wooster, Sparrow, All Men Are Mortal, Passion in the Desert, Jinnah  and Infinite Justice. Recent TV series include River Cottage, Jamie at Home  and How We Built Britain. He became a lighting cameraman for Godforsaken, Sleep Tight and Greensleeves.
Chuck Cartmel
  CHUCK CARTMEL has been cutting  popular television programmes, pop videos, commercials and films since graduating from the London College of Printing in 1985.  He has been involved with Pathétique Films since editing his brother Andrew Cartmel’s ghost story After Image, and has gone on to cut the whole  of the Worst Fears series with its director Keith Claxton.  His  most recent television credit is the historical drama, The Worst Journey in the World, written by and starring Mark Gatiss.  Chuck enjoys taking walks in the countryside, eating cheese and laughing like a hyena.
Emanuele Costantini
  EMANUELE COSTANTINI writes: I'm involved with sound from the early days of my life. I used to build speakers and stereo amplifiers during my teenage, then I began playing an instrument and was involved in billions of local bands in Florence. For a long while I split my life between my daily job as a cable and wire engineer and recording studios. When the Italian music industry collapsed some years ago, I moved to Rome, where I had the opportunity to start a new experience in the film industry. I worked as a camera and video editing assistant in a production company until my boss realised my sound abilities. From that moment I  started freelancing for TV, films, conferences, live events and wherever sound is. Then I moved to England to get new challenges.
Janet Sate
  JANET SATE trained as an actress at the Rose Bruford College until 1981. She then appeared in five shows with the Covent Garden Community Theatre, one of which marked the professional stage debut of Julian Clary and another of which, On Yer Bike!, was directed by David McGillivray. Janet then went on to appear in several of McGillivray’s Farndale Avenue plays. After moving to Brighton, she co-founded the touring company Laughing Stock. She retired from acting in 1987, and Greensleeves marks her first film as a producer.
Gary White
  GARY WHITE started in film production as a 3rd Assistant Director on films including The Abominable Dr Phibes, Dr Phibes Rises Again, Cromwell and Scrooge. Then as a 2nd AD he worked on Don't Look Now, Tommy, Valentino and Agatha amongst others. As a 1st AD he has worked with directors including Richard Loncraine, Terry Gilliam, Roland Joffe, Jack Clayton, Norman J Warren, Jack Gold and Alejandro Jodorowski on films such as Star Wars (2nd Unit),The Empire Strikes Back (2nd Unit), The Dressmaker, Inseminoid, The Meaning of Life (The Crimson Permanent Assurance segment), The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne and Rainbow Thief. Television productions include A Voyage Round My Father, A Very British Coup, Poirot: Dead Man’s Mirror, London’s Burning, Fatherland  and Jinnah.
Dominic Glynn
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  DOMINIC GLYNN began his career writing music for BBC TV's cult science-fiction series Doctor Who in the 1980s. In 1992 his passion for underground dance music led him to form SYZYGY. He recorded for various UK labels including Rising High and Creation offshoot Infonet Records, as well as his own No Bones Records, exploring the boundaries between jazz, electronica and soundtrack. He composed scores for videogames, and has written over 350 tracks for Universal Production Music, which have featured in thousands of TV productions worldwide as well as the films Kevin & Perry Go Large and Holy Man. Recently Dom has done live work with pedal-steel legend BJ Cole, scored a number of short films, and completed his first feature film score for Bad Day starring Claire Goose, Donna Air and Sarah Harding (Girls Aloud). He continues to DJ for the Big Chill organisation.