Claire creating Iain's injuries
Claire creating Iain's injuries
L to R: Godfrey, Claire, Fabio, Joe.
UK, 2010. Pathétique Films. Produced by David McGillivray
Directed by Keith Claxton
Written by Richard Jay Parker
 Fabio Calascibetta. sd.rec:  Godfrey Kirby. ed: Chuck Cartmel.
make-up:  Claire Bannister.asst.dir:  Joseph Brett.
design: Matthew Saunders. 
Flaminia Cinque, Iain Stirland,Maria Walsh.
Colour. 1 minute.
Shot in Winchmore Hill, London, July 10 2010.
“Filminute, the 1 minute film competition, pestered me for months to enter something. I asked Richard Parker, who wrote Sleep Tight , if he had any ideas for a 60 second movie. He sent me Estranged, which both Keith and I felt used the format very cleverly. Everybody I asked to be involved said yes. We shot it in a friend’s garage, one Saturday. It’s a single take. There were nine attempts and we used the ninth. It includes our first digital effect. The practical blood splat on the garage door didn’t work. Joe Brett spent a day recreating it on his computer.  After the constant pleading from Filminute, I assumed we were a shoo-in for the first prize. Well, how wrong I was. We came nowhere. But the film was our first to turn up on YouTube. You can see it here: link. And, yes, that is former Hammer star Shane Briant who’s posted a kind comment.”
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