In Compton's, Soho
Filming in Compton’s with manager Neil Hodgson playing a barman.
Julian and Phil
Julian re-united in bed with Phil Herbert (Hugh Jelly in Sticky Moments).

UK, 2013. Pathétique Films
Produced, directed and filmed by David McGillivray
ed: Ethan Reid. music: Kevan Frost, David McGillivray. 2nd unit ph: Nick Mercer. playback op: Lee Dalloway, Gozra Lozano. with: Julian Clary, Philip Herbert, Jimmy MacSweeney.
Colour. 3 mins 44 secs. Shot in London, December 4, 6 & 12, 2012, and at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, December 23, 2012, and 18th January, 2013.

“Julian Clary’s 2012 stage show, Position Vacant, Apply Within, featured a surprise hit, “Cool to Be Queer”, a serious, country and western-themed song about homophobia. Many fans asked if it would be released as a single and so Julian and I decided for starters to shoot a music video. It wasn’t my first. Donkey’s years ago I directed a video for a rock band called The Screaming Marionettes. Anyone remember them? I’d learned how to use a movie camera when I made Mincing Matilda, a video diary of Julian’s 2010 tour of Australia and New Zealand. So now I felt I could handle a music video single-handed. This is the result, in glorious SuperWobblyScope. We shot it here and there in the depths of winter. The pub is Compton’s in Soho. The bookshop is Gay’s the Word in Bloomsbury. Other locations included Primrose Hill and Julian’s back garden. There’s also a brief clip from Position Vacant at the Shepherds Bush Empire, when Julian splashed out on six dancing boys. Finally we finished everything off on the stage of the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, where Julian was appearing in Jack and the Beanstalk. But the producers took umbrage at the lyrics and I had to go back to Southampton in the new year to re-shoot in the foyer. Ethan, who’d worked with me on Fragments, edited it in a day and then put it on YouTube. At the time of writing (June, 2013) it’s had about 7,500 hits and Kara Noble, who used to run the singing telegram company Julian worked for, is among those who’ve left nice comments!”

Gay's the Word, bookshop
Extras in the Gay’s the Word bookshop sequence. Most of them didn’t survive the final cut.