UK, 2004. Black Angel Films/Pathétique Films.
Written and Produced by Andrew Cartmel
Directed by Keith Claxton
co-prod: Anthony Tattersall, Peter Emina. ph: Ray Marlow. sd rec: Chris Sheedy. ed: Chuck Cartmel. music: Dominic Glynn. asst dir: Seeta Indrani. camera asst: Alice Quested. sd asst: Brendan Sheedy. runner: Afzal Mohammed.
cast: Ben Pullen (Ansara), Rosie Alvarez (Lakshmi),
David McGillivray (Currell).
Colour. 10 mins
Shot in Poplar Docks Marina, Canary Wharf, London,
July 9 and 13, 2004.
"Andrew Cartmel wrote this as a vehicle for the lovely Rosie Alvarez. The photographer is Ben Pullen, who was Ivanhoe in Dark Knight. I was the Angel of Death. I didn't understand the script and Keith had to explain it. My scenes were shot in one afternoon on a cramped houseboat moored in a marina at Blackwall. Cartmel cooked lunch in the galley. It's one of his fortes. We always used to get nice meals when we went round to his place. As per, he did the catering when he showed the film to us in September. I don't think it's had a public screening since then. It's a bit genteel for my liking; but some people who've seen all the films say this one's their favourite. The following weekend we were shooting Child Number Four."