Cole Quirke gasps his last.
Godfrey Kirby and Janet Sate line up a shot.
Ann Penfold makes a horrifying discovery.
Such a sweet old lady. Such a wicked new scheme

UK, 2011. Pathétique Films/Salvaged & Sated
Produced by David McGillivray
Written and directed by Janet Sate and Neil Salvage.
ph: Godfrey Kirby. sd. rec: Jeremy Brown. ed: George Ravenscroft. prod. mgr: Lori Macgregor. music: Stephen Wrigley. make-up: Hannah Eccleston, Emma Mash. hair: Dee Howland. prod. designer: Lorna Gay Copp. asst. dir: Joseph Brett. sd. design: Matthew Bonham. cast: Ann Penfold (Betty), Andrew Dunn (Roger), Alan Gilchrist (Martin), Dione Inman (Hayley), Cole Quirke (Ryan). Colour. 15 mins. Shot in Hove, Sussex, January 12-16, 2011.


“Janet Sate, who produced Greensleeves, wrote this short film with her actor friend Neil Salvage. They wanted to co-direct it and asked me to produce for Pathétique. We set it up very quickly because it wasn’t hard. A couple of the actors came from out of town. But otherwise it was very much a Brighton production, shot almost entirely in Janet’s house, although Betty’s kitchen is in composer Steve Wrigley’s house a couple of streets away (where we’d shot the bathroom in Greensleeves).

I had little or no artistic input. I liked the script, which had an Ealing feel to it. What I remember of the week we spent filming in January was driving people around Hove, shopping with production manager Lori, cooking and washing up. I also remember we had a wrap party on the Saturday night, I drank too much Prosecco and revealed that Janet and Neil had been referred to by the crew as the Coen brothers. I don’t think it’s an awfully good idea for people to co-direct. But we never had rows, which is all that matters to me nowadays.

I saw the first rough cut in April and was bold enough to say I didn’t like the ending. It was subsequently re-cut. It was first shown on a double-bill with Peter Straughan’s Gee Gee at the Brighton Lighthouse on 1st July, 2011. I don’t think it’s turned up anywhere since.”